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Living the Salt Life 0

38-year-old landscape irrigation contractor, Troy Hutto, and his friend of 20 years and fellow surfer, Mike Moore, became business partners last year when they decided to launch a clothing line based on their matching tattoos: Salt Life. Neither of them realized how quickly their idea of Salt Life would catch on. 

They both surf, fish and lie on the beach, living the salt life. They both got the tattoos and then got some stickers and they reported that people kept asking for things, and it took off from there. They initially invested about $80,000 in their company, with about $30,000 going towards promotional and office expenses and the rest was for merchandise to sell from their internet site, local surf shops and a small booth in Neptune Beach Outlet Mall. 

The company now has a surf team, and has landed endorsements from professional surfers and band members of Jacksonville's Limp Bizkit and alternative rockers Evan Essence. Hutto nor Moore plans to quit their day jobs as contractors, but both of them want to continue to grow the company as they have in the last year - by gut instinct, and not a business plan. 

Costa Del Mar and the Environment 0

Costa Del Mar has been environmentally friendly since 1986 when the company became the first official supplier of polarized sunglasses for conservation organization NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The brand has become top supplier of shades and gear for fishers, anglers, boaters and adventurers. They are long-time supporters of philanthropies like the Coastal Conservation Association. 

Costa recently decided that they didn't like the carbon footprint they were leaving on the earth and moved on to design a new, more sustainable trade show booth with reclaimed wood. The brand did this by finding a 100-year-old horse and hay barn in Glen Easton, WV, that was scheduled to be torn down, and sent in a team of carpenters to dismantle the barn, board by board, over the course of two days. Because they remodeled old wood and old furniture, they claim people are more comfortable and at home when they come. 

Costa said that they cost to recycle and transport reclaimed wood was higher than wood sourced directly from a lumber yard, but the environmental impact was much lower, so that brought the company in line with its earth-friendly goals. The booth's history also serves as a great conversation starter. The Carmichael Barn, named after a family who owned the land, was originally constructed in 1910. The grandchildren of the man who originally built this barn still lived on the property and planned to use the barn's foundation for their new home, but they were really happy that it would be reused and not just torn down and thrown away.

Why Belts? Arcade Belts is the Answer 0

Arcade Belts has recently opened more than a 1,000 stores across North America over this past year alone and has been consistently growing in countries such as Australia and Japan. One of the co-founders, Tristan Queen, commented that this is just the beginning of this company's growth. When asking the three co-founders Queen, Townsend and David Bronkie why they decided to enter a market for performance belts, they said that it was never about looking through a list of ideas to find an un-tapped category, but it was because they felt that belt designs at retail were low quality and outdated. 

In 2010, the  owners decided that they would do something to change that, and brainstormed for lighter, more versatile, better performing belts. They didn't enjoy wearing uncomfortable leather belts while enjoying hobbies like snowboarding, skiing, skating and hitting the beach.  They decided to use fishing wader belts as the original template for constructing a new performance-centered material belt. Within that same year, Arcade Belts was born. 

Now, their products are organized by those who travel (meaning you can wear the belts through airport security without having to take them off, and you can also wash them right along with your pants) and for those who are living actively in general. 

The New Trend for Fall 2017 0

During the latest London Men's Fashion Week, there was one trend that stuck out the most throughout all the runways: outdoor performance shoes and performance gear.The runway featured footwear styles such as trail running sneakers and bulky hiker boots. Luxury designers used pre-existing shoes styles from traditional outdoor brands like Clarks, Marmot, The North Face, and Merrell that create Hi-Tec hiker boots. Luxury Designer Christopher Raeburn is continuing his ongoing partnership with Clarks, and this season the two brands featured a series of lace-up boots with sturdy Vibram soles.

We'll also be seeing techy stretch knit with no laces. Brands like Vans, Clarks, Nike and Adidas will begin coming out with performance tennis shoes that feature elastic or strapless shoes. Lebron James was recently seen with strapless tennis shoes, and now companies are catching on to the trend that will be huge come fall 2017.

We are offering Adidas Outdoors and Danner boots to our customers that provide that casual hiking athletic boot look.

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Patagonia Clothing and Gear 0

Islanders is excited to welcome Patagonia’s Fall collection to the site. Patagonia has been one of the most prominent outdoor brands in recent years. The company’s ability to continue to make affordable, yet durable products makes it stand out above the rest. Patagonia has long been a part of the site but we are excited to showcase Patagonia’s “old-faithful” outwear as well as some new products. “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm…” That is part of Patagonia’s mission statement and we are proud to have a brand like Patagonia that lives out their mission statement. The outdoor brand has everything you need from hiking to fishing and its quality is unmatched. Patagonia has evolved not into just an outdoor brand but has now created products that are fashionable. The shirts, shorts, and hats are now seen everywhere and are worn just for your average day out on the town. Patagonia has something for you and we hope we can provide that for you. The brand is HOT and we are excited to have them on board. Why miss out on this wonderful brand that continues to produce the latest and greatest outerwear? Check it out and make sure you get some Patagonia to wear today!

Fjallraven Bags, Gear, and Clothing 0

We are pleased to introduce Fjallraven to our site this Fall! The Swedish outdoors brand has made some incredible products as of recently and Islanders is excited to have Fjallraven on the site. The company started about 50 years ago but just now has really come to the spotlight. The Scandinavian based brand is now selling products in about 20 countries. It sells all the necessary outdoor clothing and equipment for any outdoors adventure. While the company wants to continue to push its limits, it remains environmentally conscious. Fjallraven’s goal is to leave as little an environmental impact as possible while still producing some of the best products for the outdoors. They continue to work on the production process of clothing and equipment in order to leave a small economic footprint. While the average person may think with this eco-friendly attitude the products suffer in quality. This is the farthest from the truth. Fjallraven uses some of the best materials to produce jackets, shirts, shorts, dresses, and outdoor equipment. If you are a person who enjoys an outdoors adventure, you have to check out Fjallraven and their latest stuff. Islanders is excited to have Fjallraven on board and we hope you can find something for your next adventure!