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Heybo's Story 0

Southern culture is the heartbeat of Heybo. Heybo was founded by Scott Clyburn, who has been in the apparel industry since 1988. Like most avid outdoorsmen, Scott always dreamed of making a living from hunting or fishing. Scott has a wife, two boys and two labs who live on a farm in rural South Carolina and spend as much time as possible at Edisto Beach, South Carolina. 

Heybo was born so that Scott can pass on to future generations what he enjoys the most: whether he's in the woods or 50 miles out in the ocean, when the sun breaks the horizon, that's what he lives for. He wants to be able to pass this on, and Heybo is the best way for him to do it. 

  • Chasitie Conner

Salty Crew's Reason for Existance 0

Salty Crew is big on supporting the local retailers, like Islanders Coastal Outfitter. They have it featured in all caps on the front page of their website! 

Salty Crew also reminisces on time before surfing was cool, they refer to it as the "golden age". A time when surfers were wild men and women, cast out from society, and probably by choice. 

These men and women found the sea better than the society they had been expelled from. So, they spent their lives out on the water. When the waves were flat, they fished or dove, and when the wind picked up, they sailed, but never left the water. Salty Crew claims that this attitude has left the surfing world, claiming that it's been lost somewhere along the way. 

They think surfing culture has left the beach and fizzled up and left to dry inland. Salty Crew exists for the people who still choose to lead a lifestyle supported by the ocean, those who choose to keep it Salty, who find their refuge in the sea.

  • Chasitie Conner

Two Words that Encompass a Lifestyle - Salt Life 0

The brand started out when a couple of buddies went on a fishing trip and come up with those two simple words. Don Combs, an original founder of the company, said that he didn't come up with the idea, but he was one of the original people to make the brand go.

Combs, a local from Northeast Florida who was known for catching the second Blue marlin ever and also founded the King Buster tournament, is good friends with one of the brand originators, Troy Hutto. Business didn't quite take off like they had hoped, so the two welcomed new partners: Combs and Richard Thompson for marketing; Roger combs for accounting and Erez Wolf for tech things. 

Things took off for them when The Combs brothers, who owned C & H Lure Company, started including free Salt Life decals with every shipped order. On top of that, they got the SKA Pro Division fishing tour wearing Salt Life clothing. During the events, they brought along Salt Life gear to the big trade shows. By then, the business had boomed.

  • Chasitie Conner

Ugg Sneakers are the New Ugg Boots 0

When you think of Ugg, you think of the sheepskin boots, right? Now Ugg is venturing into the warmer months with sales moving up 20% with sneakers and sandals. There are two sneakers in particular to be on the lookout for: the Tye, which is a simple perforated leather lace-up, and the Sammy, which is a lightweight knit slip-on with a foam inside. 

David Powers, chief executive officer of Ugg's parent company, Deckers Outdoor Corp., said that its spring and summer collection had done particularly well this past year, and definitely wants to continue down this route for Ugg. The total net sales for Ugg rose 24.9% for the entire quarter. So, definitely be on the lookout for new sneakers to come. 

  • Chasitie Conner

Tori Richard 0

The Honolulu-based apparel maker and retailer Tori Richard was in the process of moving into the company's headquarters earlier this year, which is a quarter of a mile away on North King Street in the same neighborhood. This is only the fourth move in a total of 60 years in business. 

The new headquarters encompasses three buildings totaling $40,000 square feet on almost two acres of land. Staying in Kalihi was something that the company prioritized as it was looking for something much bigger to accommodate the company's growth. She wishes to stay within Kalihi because majority of it's employees live nearby and the company has a lot of employees who actually walk to work. She also added an employee shower to the headquarters, talk about a great company to work for. 

This is the biggest thing the company has done since their time at the Primo building in Kakaako.

  • Chasitie Conner

Melin Hats: Deemed the Go-To Premium, High-End Caps 0

Back in 2016, Melin Hats became deemed as the "go-to" name for when it comes to premium- high-end caps. Melin is now showing their ability to introduce new innovation into the market with different series of hats entering the market. 

Melin TECH is featured of Trans-Element-Capable-Headwear, which is designed to be used out in the elements. From sea to sky, desert sand to mountain snow, The Pineapple all the way to Big Apple and everywhere in between. 

They pay special attention in their products and it's clear, and one noticable aspect is their pricing. 

  • Chasitie Conner