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Ugg Sneakers are the New Ugg Boots 0

When you think of Ugg, you think of the sheepskin boots, right? Now Ugg is venturing into the warmer months with sales moving up 20% with sneakers and sandals. There are two sneakers in particular to be on the lookout for: the Tye, which is a simple perforated leather lace-up, and the Sammy, which is a lightweight knit slip-on with a foam inside. 

David Powers, chief executive officer of Ugg's parent company, Deckers Outdoor Corp., said that its spring and summer collection had done particularly well this past year, and definitely wants to continue down this route for Ugg. The total net sales for Ugg rose 24.9% for the entire quarter. So, definitely be on the lookout for new sneakers to come. 

  • Chasitie Conner

Tori Richard 0

The Honolulu-based apparel maker and retailer Tori Richard was in the process of moving into the company's headquarters earlier this year, which is a quarter of a mile away on North King Street in the same neighborhood. This is only the fourth move in a total of 60 years in business. 

The new headquarters encompasses three buildings totaling $40,000 square feet on almost two acres of land. Staying in Kalihi was something that the company prioritized as it was looking for something much bigger to accommodate the company's growth. She wishes to stay within Kalihi because majority of it's employees live nearby and the company has a lot of employees who actually walk to work. She also added an employee shower to the headquarters, talk about a great company to work for. 

This is the biggest thing the company has done since their time at the Primo building in Kakaako.

  • Chasitie Conner

Melin Hats: Deemed the Go-To Premium, High-End Caps 0

Back in 2016, Melin Hats became deemed as the "go-to" name for when it comes to premium- high-end caps. Melin is now showing their ability to introduce new innovation into the market with different series of hats entering the market. 

Melin TECH is featured of Trans-Element-Capable-Headwear, which is designed to be used out in the elements. From sea to sky, desert sand to mountain snow, The Pineapple all the way to Big Apple and everywhere in between. 

They pay special attention in their products and it's clear, and one noticable aspect is their pricing. 

  • Chasitie Conner

Creatures of Leisure Traction Pads 0

Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Traction Pads are rich with history, lure and team riders. They are able to keep their team riders from season to season, which seems to be an issue with other brands at times. Creatures of Leisure has had a core of the same team riders for quite a while now. 

Creatures has prided themselves in creating the thinnest Surfboard Traction Pads on the market for as long as some people can remember now. Back in the day when Taj Burrow surfed for Creatures, he was at the warehouse and said he needed a few new Traction Pads. Taj was shortly after seen picking out some Creatures of Leisure Traction Pads and tossing others to the side. On the outside, all of the pads looked similar, so Taj was asked why he was only keeping some and tossing others to the side. Taj responded that he wanted the thinnest pad possible, because it makes him feel his surfboard better. 

  • Chasitie Conner

Carve Sunglasses 0

Carve was founded in Australia in 1998 and is continually growing to this day. They design polarized eyewear ranging from $49 - $59, so they're affordable and high quality.

Carve just released this past June 6 new Carve eyewear styles while occasionally hosting surf competition that have $30,000 in prizes and giveaways.

Carve is setting its sights on building a team to complement it's range of eyewear now. They have team riders like Clay Marzo, Sunny Garcia, Adam Robertson and Trent Munro flying the Carve flag on the world state with other local chargers and young guns from different ranges of sports to help build the brand from the bottom up!

  • Chasitie Conner

Sand Cloud featured on Shark Tank 0

Back during Shark Tank's 8th season, Sand Cloud was featured on their show with their boho beach towels, blankets and philanthropic components, meaning 10% of each sale went towards a nonprofit dedicated to preserving marine life. Co-founder Steven Ford started the company with a college friend, Bruno Aschimanini and coworker Brandon Leibel. Steven stated that sales were over a million in the last year. 

The items are made of 100% Turkish cotton and have entered the market of big retailers with Urban Outfitters, Free people and Anthropologie. 

The co-founders met at San Diego State University.They quit their first corporate jobs and moved in together to a two-bedroom apartment. They ate rice and beans everyday and took Uber everywhere after selling their cars to survive. 

Sand Cloud's core is giving back to marine life. They donate 10% of net profits to their nonprofit partners. One of their main nonprofit partners is Pacific Marine Mammal Center. 

The founders claim that they are huge fans of Shark Tank and it had always been their dream to make it on, and watched every episode up until they finally made it on. They had continuously applied since the beginning of the show. Now that they have become a great success, they plan to make a huge difference with the marine life. They want toe expand by becoming a global brand that helps to influence the way our oceans are taken care of. They are going to keep releasing high quality products that their ambassadors will love. Keep an eye out for amazing water bottles, tapestries and blankets.

  • Basang Malunov