Celebrating Year One: 1% For The Planet x CBA Partnership

Islanders has officially been partnered with 1% for the Planet for over a year! 1% for the Planet is dedicated to tackling the environmental issues our world currently faces. They provide partnerships for businesses with environmental nonprofits that align with their values and brand to make a lasting impact in their communities.

Businesses that join the network commit to donating 1% of their annual sales to their chosen nonprofit. 

Within our first year we have donated over 15k to our local non-profit of choice, The Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance. This organization implements monitoring, education, restoration, and research for sustaining healthy local waterways. 

Islanders Staff and Owners Volunteering

CBA has committed to projects involving water quality and seagrass monitoring, invasive species removal, ongoing research into coastal dune lakes, and living shoreline management. A living shoreline uses living plants, recycled oyster shells, fossilized oyster shell, sand fill, or a combo of natural structures with riprap or offshore breakwaters to protect property from erosion. 

Living Shoreline Educational Graphic


CBA's initiative comprises of two components: oyster shell artificial reefs and native shoreline grass plantings. These reefs provide stability to the shoreline and as habitats for intertidal marine life. 

The CBA organizes an Oyster Shell Recycling Program in partnership with local seafood restaurants.

Oyster Reefs Educational Graphic


Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance provides numerous educational programs including Glasses In Classes, From Shelves to the Shores, and many more as well as providing plenty of volunteer opportunities so you can take part of their mission.


Islanders staff volunteering with the CBA


As a provider and promoter of brands representing the coastal and outdoor lifestyle for over 40 years, Islanders is a proud member of 1% for the Planet 

We continue to stay committed to protecting our waterways and oceans because without them Islanders and the waterman lifestyle ceases to exist. The Emerald Coast is our community where we work, live, play and it's our duty to help protect it. 

Islanders Staff Group Volunteering


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