Islanders Skin Care: 4 Steps to Soft Skin All Summer Long

Summer is tough time for your skin. The salty sea, chlorine pool, and harsh summer sun can take a toll on your skin. For that reason it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect your skin and keep it hydrated. These steps, with a few of our favorite skincare products, will ensure that your skin remains soft and youthful all summer long.

1. Daily Moisturizer

The first step in maintaining soft, healthy skin is to moisturize everyday. A daily moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, decrease inflammation, and help new skin cells develop. We recommend using Capri Blue Volcano Dry Oil Spray as a silky lotion alternative or Solar Recover Save Your Skin as a cooling and moisturizing mist.

Capri Blue Volcano Dry Oil Spray

Solar Recover Save Your Skin


2. Sunblock

Perhaps the most important step in maintaining healthy skin is prevention. Avoid damage to the skin by applying a good sunblock even if you are not planning on too much sun exposure. However, the longer you are out in the sun, the higher SPF you need. We recommend any body and face sunscreen from our Sun Bum collection. Remember, the lower the SPF, the more often you need to apply. Also, don't forget that lips can get sunburned too! Be sure to apply a generous amount of Sun Bum Lip Balm before sun exposure.

Sun Bum Lotion SPF50

Sun BumFace Stick SPF 30

Sun Bum Pineapple Lip Balm


3. Cover Up!

Hats, sunglasses, and sleeves. Even with sunblock on, it is highly recommended to cover as much skin as possible before sun exposure. Most importantly, protect your face! Hemlock Hat Co. Straw Sun Hat is a fun fashionable item that will give your face extra UV protection. It is also crucial to protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes. Try out a pair of Costa Mirror Corbina 580P Sunglasses to ensure 100% UV A/B/C protection and perfect clarity. Protecting your arms is also imperative to skin care. Stay cool, comfortable, and SPF protected with a long sleeve performance shirt. For women, try Tormenter SPF-50 Snag Proof Performance Shirt. For men, give MOJO Men's Performance Vented Finny T-shirt a go.

Hemlock Hat Co. Straw Sun Hat

Costa Mirror Corbina 580P Sunglasses

Tormenter SPF-50 Snag Proof Longsleeve Printed Performance Shirt

MOJO Men's Performance Vented Finny Long Sleeve T-Shirt

4. After Sun Care

Let's face it, it's impossible to avoid the sun's harmful rays completely. That's why it is healthy to care for your skin after sun exposure. Vertra Clear After Sun Care Gel contains Aloe Vera and other ingredients to calm and cool the skin as well as decrease the presence of inflammation. Apply this gel after sun exposure to soothe and hydrate your skin. 

Vertra Clear After Sun Care Gel


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