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Spring is arriving with longer days and sunny skies. You need skincare and haircare products that can beat the heat. At Islanders we are happy to carry Solar Recover’s Save Your Skin every day moisturizer and Save Your Hair recovery system. 

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Solar Recover offers the all natural products your skin and hair craves and proudly proclaims, “The only animals we test on are ourselves”. They are cruelty free products packed with essential oils and natural vitamins. The founders of Solar Recover have gone through an exhaustive process to create products that actually work, testing it from the Caribbean to the Hamptons. Initially they just wanted some hydrating skincare for their own use, but have happily shared their concoctions after tried and true testing. 

Save Your Skin contains calming oils like lavender and Roman chamomile and can even double as an aftershave to calm irritated skin. After a day of laying out on the beach that’s exactly what your skin needs.  It also contains French Seaweed Absolute which helps prevent free radical damage to the skin and protects against aging. Geranium oil helps skin stay conditioned and has anti-inflammatory properties which is great for those who are prone to acne. When winter comes it’s still an invaluable product for the drier months too. This hydrating fine mist spray is a step above the normal greasy after sun products and moisturizers that are on the market. 

Seaweed in the ocean.

Save Your Hair is an all natural fine mist spray for sun damaged and dry hair. After being windswept and having salt water drying out your locks your hair will need a boost. Jojoba oil is loaded with antioxidants such as vitamins A and E to help condition your tresses. Calendula soothes sensitive scalps and adds shine, and even brings out naturally warm highlights in blonde hair! The lemongrass oil it contains is known as an effective dandruff treatment as well. Save Your Hair has the nutrients to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Parents will love it as a safe and effective detangler, it can be used on wet or dry hair. 

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Get your bottles of Solar Recover Save Your Skin and Save Your Hair stocked up for the season at Islanders Coastal Outfitter at The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island, FL. 

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