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Islanders Southern Bakin' L/S

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The famous Islanders Beach Bacon Pig Shirts (The Original Beach Bacon Pig Jam Hog Wild and Hog Heaven) are now an iconic Islanders trademark. Beach Bacon became a part of Islanders as a result of two key parts of Islanders history and one of our timeless values: Listening and Testing. During his time living in Hawaii company founder John Hambleton noticed a cool line of tshirts. When Islanders began John called the company who made the shirts and they sent their sales rep. When the rep suggested Islanders try their pig tee Islanders listened and tested this non surf shop looking design. The sales rep was right and the pig shirts sold really well. From that initial test the character Beach Bacon eventually evolved after listening to our customer's response to the original pig tshirt design into the options you see available today.

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