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Ambassador Applications are Closed for Spring 2017

Islanders Ambassadors are friendly, outgoing, fun-loving, adventure-seeking, social-media savvy individuals who promote positivity wherever they go and love to socialize with others.


Islanders Coastal Outfitter Ambassadors will...

> Wear Islanders Apparel!
> Recruit a team of people to join our #IslandOHANA community
> Participate in monthly Wave days on your personal IG account
> Respond to all emails and texts within 24 hours
> Commit to a minimum of 1 term

Benefits include...

> Discounts on apparel for you and some of your family and friends
> Meeting Ambassadors all over the US through social media and meet-ups
> Personal access to Islanders management team
> Opportunity to win fun prizes from Islanders and some of your favorite brands through contests and competitions


> Have a smart phone
> Be at least 16 years old
> Have consistent access to wifi
> Maintain a public IG profile

Meet Our Kahuna Ambassadors

Virginia Watkins

Virginia @_virginiawatkins_

Hi! I like meeting new people and going to new places whenever I can.


Emily @emilyjowers_

I'm 5'7 and I function on my love for puppies, sunshine, and coffee!


Xan @xankmims

Hey, I'm Xan! I'm really outgoing and loud, and I love pugs!


Kerrady @kerradyyyyy

I'm always down for adventures!

Mattie Montz

Mattie @mattie.r.m

I love to dance and tumble and I love cats! :)


Bethany @bethany_demuth

I am 5'9 I have been modeling for two years and I play volleyball.

Heather @heathersport13

Hey, my name is Heather & I have a Nike check smile! I live off of chick-fil-a & I love the mountains!

Kelby Vaughan

Kelby @_killa.kelbs_

Pig enthusiast and beach bum

Julia Turner

Julia @juliaannturner

I am 5'8", I have an outgoing personality, and I'm always looking for a new adventure!


Blythe Bay @blythe_bay

Pigs are awesome.


Kenzey Calderone @kenz_michelle

I love pigs.


Sean Cary @sean_cary

Pigs make great pets.


Kinley Childress @kinleylakelyn

Pigs have 4 legs.


Gabriela Galvez @kahunag_

Pigs have cute curly tails.


Faith Gross @faithhhnaomiii

I've seen a pig fly!


Olivia Holmes @olivviaholmes

Where in the world is Piggy Sandiego?


Erin Holmes @e_nicole_01

Pigs recognize their name by the time they're 2 weeks old!


Andrew Huffman @drew0307

Here, piggie, piggie.


Drew Mercier @drewmercier

Who's in the house? The pigs are in the house.


Brooke Moore @brookemoore8

Pigs are intelligent animals.


Allison Platt @allisonmplatt

Pigs have an excellent sense of smell.


Ben Shannon @ben.shann

There are 2 billion pigs in the world.


Julia Turner @juliaannturner

Pigs have hardly any sweat glands.