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About Us

Islanders Fort Walton Beach surf apparel and shoes location

Aloha & Welcome to Islanders Coastal Outfitter! Islanders is your source for casual footwear, apparel, and accessories from Reef, OluKai, Birkenstock, UGG, KAVU, Billabong, Hari Mari, Costa, good hYOUman, Free people and dozens of other top brands.

The history of Islanders begins on the white beaches of Fort Walton Beach way back in 1980. With a love for the beach and the waterman culture, Islanders mission was simple: To promote beach lifestyles while providing high quality beach and outdoor apparel, accessories and products with our 'Aloha Y'all' customer service. 

Our Islanders team remains on the beaches living the lifestyle - wearing, testing, and loving the beach apparel, surf, outdoor gear, sunglasses and sandals that we bring to you both online and in our two retail stores. 

We're committed to serving our customers with friendly 'Island-Style' service: personal assistance, order tracking, and 24-hour response time on all customer inquiries. 

Islanders Values

  • Focus on serving our customers — Attentive, Friendly, and Fair.
  • Listen — Seek input from our staff, our customers, and our vendors on how to better serve.
  • Adapt and evolve — Continuously seek improvements.

Islanders Coastal Outfitter

Islanders Purpose

  • Serve our customers
  • Inspire others as a business role model
  • Grow with Islanders-type people

    You can contact our customer service department via e-mail twenty four hours a day at help@islandersoutfitter.com and during business hours by phone (1.800.272.2065). One of our Islanders will be happy to help you.

    One of our timeless values at Islanders is to Listen....so we always want to hear what you have to say - the good and the bad! Whether we've provided you with great service or you've found an area we need to improve on, our company president is happy to take your input through email at presidents_hotline@islandersoutfitter.com.

    Islanders Coastal Outfitter Pensacola Beach Store

    Our Stores

    Our stores are lucky enough to call the beach home. The stores are located on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and on Pensacola Beach, Florida. Islanders attracts locals and tourists with "Island-Style" service and products inspired by love for the outdoors. We are proud to offer a laid back, surf-inspired shopping experience.

    Our stores' addresses, hours, and phone numbers

    The History of Islanders Coastal Outfitter

    Islanders was founded in September 1980. The original Islanders location was the classic two story yellow tin roofed wooden building in downtown Fort Walton Beach, but now Islanders now has two store locations: Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach, and our flagship location at The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island. Additionally, Islanders has an "Internet store", www.IslandersOutfitter.com.

    Islanders Coastal Outfitter LogoBefore Islanders was founded, John Hambleton had his first experience in business when he opened "The Snack Shack" while home from college one summer (check out the old Snack Shack sign hanging on the wall in the Fort Walton Beach store).

    The Snack Shack was a used trailer with a Sno Cone machine that he found in the local paper. Every day that the weather was decent, John pulled the trailer behind his old stick shift 1965 Ford Mustang (very interesting trying to cross Brooks Bridge, especially on windy days) and parked right in front of what is now The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island. Back in those days, there were no restaurants, no shops and no Boardwalk... only some concrete picnic tables. John found out at summer's end that he made about as much money as he would have made if he had a "regular job".

    Once John graduated from Auburn University, he moved to Hawaii with a college roommate for six months of living like an Islanders bum (he was a bicycle cab driver in Waikiki while also a flight instructor in small airplanes out of Honolulu International Airport), but then moved back with a dream to open his own business someday. Soon after returning to Fort Walton Beach, he ran into an old classmate that was looking for a partner to get into retail.. and they started Islanders in September of 1980.

    What's With the Pig? The Legendary Beach Bacon

    Islanders Beach Bacon Baseball CapThe famous Islanders Beach Bacon Pig Shirts (The Original Beach Bacon, Pig Jam, Hog Wild, and Hog Heaven) are now an iconic Islanders trademark.

    Beach Bacon became a part of Islanders as a result of two key parts of Islanders history and one of our timeless values: Listening and Testing. During his time living in Hawaii Hambleton noticed a cool line of t-shirts. When Islanders began, he called the company and they sent their sales rep.

    When the rep suggested Islanders try their pig tee, Islanders listened (even though they were very skeptical) and Islanders tested this non surf shop looking design. Well this time the sales rep was right and for some reason the pig shirts sold really well. From that initial test, the character Beach Bacon eventually evolved after listening to our customer's response to the original pig t-shirt design.