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Reef Sandals

Reef Sandals -

Reef sandals was from the minds of two entrepreneur Argentinian brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre in South America. The duo had a passion to create a high-quality active lifestyle sandal. Founded in Southern California in 1984 with production in Sao Paulo Brazil Reef has created iconic high-quality active lifestyle sandals that reflect the Aguerre brothers’ love of surf and beach culture.

Reef has developed into a global sensation over its 30 year heritage. Reef lives by the "Just Passing Through" mentality of adventure and travel. Reef continues to draw energy and passion from the wanderlust spirit and adventure-seeker lifestyle to offer premium footwear for men and women using eco-based materials.

Reef sandals continually delivers instant comfort, style, and versatility for the beach lifestyle and outdoor-minded consumer. In 2016, the brand transformed its legacy by creating The Reef We Heart Program, designed to help those in need where Reef and its global ambassadors travel and surf. The community support is a three-pronged initiative to promote education, support community development, and preserve the natural environment.

Over the years Reef sandals has never strayed from what they stand for - a love of surfing and the lifestyle that was born out of it. Reef remains a core surf company with their revered collection of Reef sandals. With authentic and innovative products intended to nurture an incredibly fortunate lifestyle that involves surf, sensuality and a life filled with happiness, Reef and their beloved collection of footwear will continue to thrive, no matter how high that next wave may be.

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