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Kaenon Sunglasses

Kaenon Sunglasses

Kaenon (pronounced: KAY-nun) Sunglasses emerged in 2001 from an intense passion and a clear desire to never compromise. Determined to create something better, Kaenon developed the proprietary polarized SR-91® lens — the world’s first non-compromising polarized lens. Wrapped in unique, California-designed frame styles built for comfort and performance, along with distinct colorways and hand-painted treatments unique to Italian craftsmen, Kaenon sunglasses became more than a reality, Kaenon pumped up the standard in performance eyewear. 

First with the very first innovation, SR-91, Kaenon has continued to raise the bar within the optical industry, pioneering a variety of new eyewear options like Freestyle Progressive SR-91 polarized prescription lenses and Kaenon Optical frames, so that everyone, regardless of their eyewear needs, can enjoy the Kaenon experience.

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