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The K3® Company is a global manufacturer and distributor of premium outdoor gear and accessories. A worldwide leader within the waterproof bags and accessories sector. Through an untiring commitment to innovative and original designs, K3™ is globally recognized for the functional and premium products the brand produces without the lofty price tag. At K3 ™ they strive daily to push the boundaries with leading edge design, so you can push the limits outdoors.

Their fully integrated SCM allows them to procure, manufacturer and distribute products with high velocity as well as customize products from overseas manufacturers to meet market demand. This combination enables them to provide their customers with the finest selection of quality products at a very competitive price.

Their vision is to create forward oriented solutions, leading edge technologies and integrations that are cost effective and drive better results. At the same time, to utilize theor expertise in Vertical Marketing and Channel Management to implement an unbeatable "End to End Solution." All K3 products are backed by a full warranty support program and dedicated customer response team.


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