Howler Brothers

The Howler Brothers are not really related by blood, but they are bonded by many other shared callings: Surfing, fishing, paddling, and all of the good things that come with these pursuits.

Howler Bros founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian spent their adolescent summers among the marine life in the waves of Florida and Virginia. They both currently reside in Texas where they raise families, work hard, make music together, chase fish with fly rods, and make runs to the nearest coast or river whenever the opportunity arises.

Their vision for Howler– and the name Howler Brothers –was inspired by a sound they each had heard on their many surf trips to Costa Rica: the call of the loudest animal in North America, the Howler Monkey. If you've ever heard the sound before, it can be shrill and startling, but to them, the sound became part of a collective feeling of being in Central America and continues to serve as a constant reminder of being in a beautiful place that you love. With this emotional connection as a foundation, Heard and Stepanian founded Howler Brothers to craft quality clothing and goods that draw inspiration from the style and tradition of surfing and coastal sports.

Howler Bros clothing designs are meant to honor the soul. They emulate the passion the two have always had for outdoors and adventure. Every garment is crafted with functionality and attention to detail at the forefront.

Above everything, Howler Bros are united by a belief in doing things the honest and pure way (which may not always be the easiest way). They design and craft all of their garments with these virtues in mind. 

Howler Brothers

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