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Hex was born from a pure goal, a desire to create timeless products for modern living. Founders Dan Maryville and Trent Valladares began their journey as musicians in Southern California. They were not only musicians but visual artists who incorporated their venues into the experience by including art installations and also created their own clothing and accessories.

This eye for fashion and creative drive brought them to launch a small startup focused on accessories. Their early collections gained widespread popularity and were picked up by many large brands so they began designing for well established brands. Together with their years of experience in the industry they launched their own brand, HEX.

Hex was born in 2010 and represents their decades of experience in fashion that has been focused into a new direction. They fuse their eye for style with their love of technology. HEX was created with a new viewpoint - looking at fashion and technology as equally necessary and inspiring. The importance of premium materials, textures, and finishing are all designed into the DNA of HEX, as is a focus on innovation and a drive to develop products that function as well as they look.

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