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BIRKENSTOCK sandals emphasize the importance of tradition and heritage. The well-known brand dates back centuries. Birkenstock is deeply rooted in the fine art of crafted premium quality shoes. Since 1774, Birkenstock has passed this vital commitment down from one generation to the next, resulting in endlessly growing premium quality products.

In 1774, John Adam Birkenstock was listed as a subject and cobbler in the church archives of Langen-Bergheim, Germany. There, he began making rubber shoes. In 1896, Konrad Brikenstock, master cobbler and shoemaker opened two shoe specialty stores in Frankfurt and began producing customized footbed insoles for other shoe companies as well. Over the next fifteen years, Konrad Birkenstock gave lectures and seminars to other masters and guilds to his explain his revolutionary ideas for a (graphic) custom shoe. To begin his dream, he set out, traveling throughout all of Germany and Austria. In 1914, Konrad and eldest son, Carl Birkenstock were hired by the hospital Frankfurt-Friedrichsheim's rehabilitation ward to manufacture custom orthapaedic footwear for wounded soldiers during the first world war. In 1925, Carl Birkenstock jr. entered the family business and created The Blue Footbed®. It is succesfully sold in Austria, France, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland. Over the next few decades, word of the amazing Birkenstock shoe spread and with their success, Birkenstock moved to the bank of the Rhine River in Bad Honnef. In 1964, Carl's son, Karl Birkenstock took his grandfather's concept to new heights by creating the first Birkenstock sandal, adding a leather top and sole. 

Over the next several decades into today, Birkenstock continued rapid growth with the introduction of new technology such as self-coloring footprint paper, electro-mechanical molding machines, modern cutting machines, and computerized systems.

Birkenstock represents top-notch products manufactured with close attention to detail and a high level of hand-crafting. Eco-friendly production and the use of select, high-grade, long-lasting materials all help to protect our environment.

With more than 230 years of experience in the art of shoemaking, these shoes exhibit the finest workmanship and are of the utmost quality.

New manufacturing processes aided by the latest technologies and the development of new materials and models allow BIRKENSTOCK to offer unique quality and unmatched comfort, walking and standing, today and tomorrow.

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