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AVID Sportswear is a sporting lifestyle brand that transcends the traditional boundaries of sporting apparel.  Equally at home, on the water, or in the field, AVID designs and develops premium sportswear that celebrates the lifestyles and pursuits of sportsmen and women across the globe. Their products focus equally on design, style, quality and performance to deliver a superior product to you. The AVID spirit is embraced in two simple concepts: passion for outdoor sports and best wishes for you.

AVID started by serving the sportfishing community, but it goes beyond just fishing. "AVID" describes a passion for the outdoors. The AVID hook respects the past while acknowledging the presence of today. It  is a modern interpretation of the ancient maori hook which represents strength and safe passage over water. 

AVID IS a family-owned small business and proud of it. This forces them to stay focused and listen to you, our customer, in order to make the best products possible. AVID sincerely thanks you for your continued support and they look forward to serving the sporting community for years to come.

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