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Why Everyone Should Own a Pair of Rainbow Sandals

Why Everyone Should Own a Pair of Rainbow Sandals

It seems some people are asking the question: What's so great about Rainbow sandals? If you want to know the truth, here at ICO, we believe everyone should own a pair and here's why:

     1. They were made for you

Upon getting your first pair of Rainbow sandals, you'll find (as with any new leather shoe) that they take a bit of time to break in. They take about a week or so to stretch out, but once they do, it feels as though the sandal was made for your  foot. You'll notice the leather will stay perfectly conformed to the shape of your foot, even if you aren't wearing them.

     2. Quality products

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 Rainbow sandals are carefully and expertly crafted using premium materials. Starting from the toe, every layer is glued three times before being pressed together to ensure optimum strength and durability. The toe piece is made of smooth, but durable, type 3 military spec nylon that is fastened with a box x parachute stitch. The nylon provides long-lasting comfort between your toes. The stitching on the straps uses a double bonded nylon thread that performs better outdoors and can withstand heat. The single layer midsole uses memory foam that doesn't collapse. Over time, the midsole with mold to the contour of your foot. Rainbow sandals are forged from premium leather which is top grain leather formulated for the right feel, look, and longevity. The bottom sole consists of a signature non-slip rubber bottom for optimum traction. Holding it all together, Rainbow uses a patented adhesive that is environmentally friendly and works like contact cement.

     3. Their story is motivational

In 1972, Jay "Sparky" Longley saw a pair of worn and broken sandals lying on the beach and decided then and there that he would make the world's best sandal. With $200 Sparky bought a sewing machine and began working. He first sold his sandals to Dick Metz of Hobie. At this time he could only make six pairs of shoes. They sold and Sparky was then able to make twelve pairs. At the same time, Sparky also sold his shoes in the lot of the Sawdust Festival in California. After being suggested to move his operation to San Clemente, he officially started Rainbow Sandals, Inc. in 1974. After years of hard work, trial and error, and tenacity, Sparky was able to develop the incredible Rainbow sandal that we all love. Today, Rainbow Sandals makes two million pairs of sandals a year.

     4. They give back

Rainbow Sandals gave 1,100 pairs of sandals to the Marines

Rainbow Sandals continues to show their appreciation they receive from their customers, community, and country. Some of the schools, organizations, and people they help out include:

  • Rescue Task Force
  • Operation Amped
  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
  • Miracle for Kids
  • Orangewood Children's Foundation
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County
  • Building Baja's Future
  • Young Life
  • Soles for Souls, Haiti
  • The Surfing Heritage Foundation
  • Laura's House
  • South Shore Church
  • Exchange Club of San Clemente
  • United States Marine Corps
  • San Clemente Chamber of Commerce
  • Dana Point Chamber of Commerce
  • San Clemente High School and all schools in the local community.
  • DSBIA (Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association)
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • San Clemente Educational Foundation
  • Courtney's Sand Castle
  • Ocean Institute of Dana Point
  • The Asian Elephant Foundation American Red Cross
  • Showers of Blessings
  • Saddleback Church
  • St. Michaels
  • Family Assistance Ministries
  • Orange County Rescue
  • San Diego Armed Services
  • YMCA
  • Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano
  • Wounded Warrior Project.

(Just to name a few)

     5. They believe in their products

Image result for worn out rainbow sandals
Rainbow Sandals has a lifetime guarantee. They will repair or replace your sandals if the strap breaks or comes loose, or if the sole peels apart. Rainbow Sandals backs their products fully.

     6. They care about the environment

Image result for rainbow sandals repair

Rainbow Sandals lives by the phrase, "Repair, Reuse, Recycle." From the time Sparky had first come up with the concept for Rainbow Sandals, he wanted to create something extraordinary. He didn't want his shoes to end up like the one he had seen on the beach in 1972. Sparky, and the Rainbow Sandals team ask customers to return any Rainbow Sandals that still might have a little life left so that they can repair them and ultimately donate them to those in need.

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