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Kaenon Sunglasses - Innovation at its Best

Kaenon Sunglasses - Innovation at its Best

Kaenon was started in 2001 by two brothers who saw a need for non-compromising sunglasses. Kaenon sunglasses are built for comfort and performance.

Kaenon uses SR-91 lenses. They are the first and only polarized lens material that does not compromise. Other lens materials have been known to fall short in one way or another  – glass can shatter easily and is added weight to the frame. Polycarbonate sacrifices clarity for strength. SR-91 lenses have a hydrophobic coating designed to shed water and snow from the surfce of the lens. These lenses also offer an anti-scratch coating to ensure the lens is protected from abuse and scratching. The Kaenon founders saw an opportunity to create the first polarized lens that offers everything. All of the good. None of the bad.


Kaenon's plarized SR-91 lens blocks glare by using their Glare 86 polarizing element. It is encapsulated within the SR-91 frame to actively and effectively block out up to 99.9% of reflected glare. 


You can't control what might come your way on any given day, Kaenon understands that. So they created sunglasses with SR-91 that won't succumb to pressure and shatter induced by your thirst for adventure.


The SR-91's high resolution ABBE value of 40 provides razor-sharp optics, giving you crisp and clear images no matter where you are. Coupled with Kaenon's purpose-built lens tints, you can fine-tune your vision for any light condition or performance situation.


Kaenon sunglasses are lighter than polycarbonate and less than half the weight of glass. Kaenon crafts sunglasses for all-day comfort. Gone are the days of pushing up those heavy lenses. You should be wearing sunglasses so light, you forget you're wearing them.


Kaenon hasn't overlooked anything when it comes to eye protection. They've crafted SR-91 lenses that provide 100% UV A & B protection. 

Kaenon's frames are Italian-made and are crafted with the finest materials so that you own a pair of sunglasses that offers premium comfort, unparalleled durability, and incredible aesthetic. 

Each Kaenon frame is inspired by the California lifestyle, incorporating highly specific geometry to maximize comfort and function. Their product designer, Harold Belker works tirelessly and meticulously to make sure function and design go hand in hand on every frame. 

They're colors are inspired by California and beach-life. From summer sunsets to colorful kelp, Kaenon is sure to create eyewear that expresses your love for the beach.

Kaenon has completely raised the bar for optical innovation. Kaenon has become a pioneer in the industry and continues to create products that will never compromise.

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