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Rainbow Sandals Sizing And Authenticity

Rainbow Sandals Sizing And Authenticity
Rainbow Sandals Various Sizes Pictures

What size do I wear?

In customer service, this is one of the most common questions we have received regarding Rainbow Sandals. Often, people have heard of Rainbow and want to try the product for the first time. Yet, the sizing for most Rainbow Sandals is a little confusing. In this post, we want to discuss a few ways to figure out which size would work best for you and also some tips for ensuring you are purchasing a genuine product.


Because our company sells mostly Premier and Classic leather styles, we will only discuss those sizing variations. However, if you have any questions regarding any of the Rainbow styles, just send a message to our customer service team and one of our Islanders will be glad to help you out.

Men's sandals run from Small to XXXL. The sizes break down in a shoe size range, which is indicated in parenthesis with the measurement of the shoe offered as inches, and are as follows:

Small - (7.5-8.5) 10.5"
Medium - (8.5-9.5) 10.75"
Large - (9.5-10.5) 11.5"
X-Large - (11-12) 12"
XX-Large - (12-13.5) 12.5"
XXX-Large - (13.5-15) 13.5"

Women's sandals are offered in Small through Size 11. The sizes break down in a similar fashion to the men's shoes with the exception of women's sizes 10 and 11. The sizes, shoe range, and measurement are:

Small - (5.5-6.5) 9.5"

Medium - (6.5-7.5) 10"
Large - (7.5-8.5) 10.5"
X-Large - (8.5-9.5) 10.75"
S10 - (9.5-10.5) 11"
S11 - (10.5-11.5) 11.25"

In the manufacturing process, Rainbow Sandals allows for a .25" variation on the length of the footbed. This means that shoes which Rainbow states should measure at 11.25" will often actually measure at 11" or between 11" and 11.25".

If you have never worn Rainbow Sandals before you can determine your sandal size by measuring your foot. Do this by placing your foot on a blank piece of paper while standing on a solid surface floor.

how to measure and determine Rainbow Sizes

Make a mark at the back of the heel on the paper, then mark the tip of the toe on the paper. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the distance between the two marks. Here is where it gets tricky. My foot measures at 9.25" and my shoe size is 6.5 or 7. Therefore, I would select the ladies Rainbow size Medium for a comfortable fit that allows for distance from the toe strap insert and a small space between my heel and the back of the shoe.

Is this shoe legit?

First, if you are concerned about authenticity, we want you to know, so are we. Islanders Surf and Sport and IslandSurf.com purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, Rainbow Sandals. Unfortunately, when there is a successful product on the market, there will be fraud as well. To ensure the sandals you purchase are authentic, look for the following in the Premier and Classic leather products:

1. A nice pretty logo on the footbed. This will be a solid stamp into the leather of the shoe (the place where your foot will go). Products manufactured in China will say "Rainbow" and will have a copyright symbol. Products manufactured in the USA will indicate "Rainbow USA." Check out this picture, which shows the difference.

Authentic Rainbow Sandals Picture Islandsurf USA compared to China

2. Toe tag. On the right shoe there will be a little tag that has the Rainbow Logo and the word "Rainbow" on it. Products manufactured in China will have a short toe tag. However, most products we have seen manufactured in the US will have a longer toe tag. They have the same logo and copyright symbol, but vary in size (and sometimes color) from one another.

3. Legitimate retailers. If you have any concerns regarding the validity of a retailer of Rainbow Sandals, send an email to Info@RainbowSandals.com for a thorough list of retailers and locations.

We want shoppers to feel confident in their purchase and hope these tips will help ensure the best buying experience. If you ever have any questions regarding any of the items on our site, send us a message or give us a call. Our Islanders are always glad to lend a hand and would love to help you out!


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