Why Teva Sandals?

Teva was born in the Grand Canyon in 1984, when a river guide rigged Velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip flops in order to create a pair of shoes that wouldn't float away. The Teva brand is all about adventure and seizing every opportunity to live light and loud. If you are up for anything and thrive off of the thrImage result for teva sandals  technologyill of spontaneity, Teva is right for you. 

Teva sandals are loved by those of the outdoor persuasion; they are perfect for the beach, hiking, or casual wear. One of the most unique and game-changing quirks of these sandals is their "Drain Frame Technology." It's a series of holes and channels drilled into the shoes that lead from the insole to the side of the sandal. This means that water drains away from the sole of the foot rapidly, helping keep your feet dry and preventing that unwanted slippery feeling that other sandal brands can't avoid.

 Teva offers a multitude of strap variations for every kind of foot to ensure maximum grip and support. Teva straps range from a basic clip on single or double strap for more casual wear, to a wrap around webbing strap, arming you with the grip needed to face those rocky hills.

A major problem many adventurers face when on foot power is pesky wet rocks and large stumps. Some of Teva sandals are  infused with Spider Rubber that allows for the best grip possible. "Slippery when wet" signs will no longer dictate whether or not you'll keep trekking that extra mile. 

Teva sandals are supportive, comfy and strong. They offer the greatest grip and support of hiking sandals. They're built tough to cope with the extremes of water and trail walking to ensure you always have an incredible experience.


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