Why buy Hari Mari Sandals?

This February, Islander Coastal Outfitters will be introducing a new sandal guru to our repertoire, Hari Mari.

Hari Mari sandals are uniquely crafted to ensure comfort, durability, and LOVEability. Hari Mari Sandals are crafted using a memory foam toe. Each sandal is built with their super comfortable and seamless Memory Foam Toe™. It's formulated by using a cylinder of memory foam encased in exceptionally soft nylon to help grip toes, reduce abrasion, and do away with those painful break-in periods.

Hari Mari uses premium textiles and materials to ensure outstanding quality to you, the customer. These premium materials are coupled with time-tested construction methods so that Hari Mari not only stands up to the challenge of wear and tear, but also performs well over time. Each pair of sandals is backed by their guarantee, protecting against any defect to ensure you get a wonderful flip flop.

Hari Mari sandals are made with soft-squeeze mid-soles, firm arch supports and siped insoles to channel away that pesky moisture that tends to eat away at most flip flops. These insoles also improve foot grip and keeps you in constant comfort no matter where your adventures take you. 

Something positively unique about Hari Mari sandals is their classic colors. Say goodbye to bland, because with this flip flops in your wardrobe, you'll be walking on an array of color. Hari Mari sets themselves apart from the never ending sea of brown and black footwear, while also capturing a timeless look and feel.

On another positive note, all of Hari Mari sandals are boat safe, meaning they help grip wet surfaces for unbea
table traction. The out-soles are made with carbon-free 100% rubber. Hari Mari also included a toe spring and beveled out-sole edges to reduce tripping and improve performance across a variety of terrains.

Hari Mari sandals are made responsibly.Reprocessed Rubber & Foam Dedicated to making a great flip flop, each sandal is forged from high-grade rubber and foam so they can be re-purposed and enjoy a productive life long after they've served your feet.

Hari Mari also donates 1% of sales on every flip flop purchase to support kids battling cancer. This money is used to help pay for medicines, treatment, and hospital costs. They call it "Flops Fighting Cancer."

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