Why Belts? Arcade Belts is the Answer

Arcade Belts has recently opened more than a 1,000 stores across North America over this past year alone and has been consistently growing in countries such as Australia and Japan. One of the co-founders, Tristan Queen, commented that this is just the beginning of this company's growth. When asking the three co-founders Queen, Townsend and David Bronkie why they decided to enter a market for performance belts, they said that it was never about looking through a list of ideas to find an un-tapped category, but it was because they felt that belt designs at retail were low quality and outdated. 

In 2010, the  owners decided that they would do something to change that, and brainstormed for lighter, more versatile, better performing belts. They didn't enjoy wearing uncomfortable leather belts while enjoying hobbies like snowboarding, skiing, skating and hitting the beach.  They decided to use fishing wader belts as the original template for constructing a new performance-centered material belt. Within that same year, Arcade Belts was born. 

Now, their products are organized by those who travel (meaning you can wear the belts through airport security without having to take them off, and you can also wash them right along with your pants) and for those who are living actively in general. 

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