What's Different About the New UGG Classic II?

Here at ICO, we’ve been “stocking” up, in preparation for winter and Christmas season! This year, it’s all about UGG’s Classic II. UGG has really stepped it up by perfecting their favored original, and we can’t wait to spill the deets. (See the new boots here https://www.islandsurf.com/collections/ugg-classic-ii-boots.)

Not only is the Classic II totally the cutest boot we’ve ever seen, it also has some amazing perks that will keep you in these babies all winter long for seasons to come.

Have no fear during life’s little spills! The UGG Classic II is now pretreated to repel moisture and protect against those pesky stains. UGG’s new technology improves the longevity of the boots and keeps you looking and feeling fresh! Although it’s not recommended that you go frolicking around in a rainstorm, the Classic II will definitely repel moisture from splashes and surprise drizzles.

The Classic II features an updated and elevated look with a signature full-grain leather heel label. The label adds a more finished look to the entire shoe, while also amplifying the premium design.

UGG’s Classic II also features the newest Treadlite technology which provides increased traction, durability, cushioning, and flexibility. The Treadlite technology is here to redefine comfort. The technology eliminates the need to add rubber to the bottom of the shoe, resulting in a much more lightweight product. On the outsole, the rubber provides more elasticity than injected EVA, so you’ll stay comfortable all day long. The traction technology grips especially well on both wet and dry surfaces, so you won’t have to worry about slipping on those rainy/snowy days. The Treadlite by UGG™ is insanely durable. It doesn’t degrade like EVA. Because of the Treadlite’s premium selected materials, it can be formulated softer than other materials that would normally be used for the outsole, resulting in unbeatable flexibility.

Main Differences:

  1. Now pretreated to protect against moisture and staining
  2. Updated with Treadlite by UGG™ sole, which provides increased cushioning, durability, and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

The Boots:


The UGG Classic has become the go to option for casual style. Its timeless Twinface sheepskin provides the ultimate comfort, but the shoe still comes off as trendy. The interior also provides comfort but also makes it a great choice for warmth as well. Finally, the plush wool insole and flexible outsole combine for a lightweight fit, so you can move as quickly as you need to when you’re on the go.


The UGG Classic II is a reinvented version of the Classic with improvements UGG lovers are sure to enjoy. Still chic and comfortable, the Twinface sheepskin on the Classic II is pretreated. So stains and water are no longer your enemy. Additionally, the outsole is Treadlite—it’s the same flexible fit but with more traction. Now you can rest assured and rock these boots in the rain or the snow (and the sun, if you choose).

The UGG Classic II is now available in three styles: UGG Classic Mini II, UGG Classic Short II and UGG Classic Tall II. Let’s take a closer look of each of these revamped styles.


UGG Classic Mini II

The UGG Classic Mini II is like the fun size version of the silhouette you may be used to. It’s just as timeless and durable as the others, but offers a shorter shaft height. You can pair it with your favorite jeans and a loose sweater, or you can go with the celebrity look of shorts with a tank and a scarf.

UGG Classic Short II

The UGG Classic Short II is likely the most recognizable version of the UGG Classic boots for women. The eight-inch shaft height is the most popular amongst UGG lovers. Like the traditional UGG Classic Short, the New UGG Classic Short II is soft, warm and versatile. And remember, these are pretreated so you can wear them the second you take them out of the box.

There are so many things to love about the UGG Classic II. The updates are subtle, yet extremely useful and practical. You will get much more wear out of the UGG New Classic II. Temperamental weather can no longer get in the way. No more slipping and sliding when you’re on the go and need to run in the rain. You get the warmth of the Classic UGG without accidentally skiing across the parking lot in the snow. In addition, you can be a little more carefree on your trips to your neighborhood coffee shop—or wherever your UGG Classic II’s may take you—because the UGG Classic II is stain resistant. So you can sweat a little less when you have some accidental drips from your latte.

The UGG Classic has become a timeless piece, and many women continue to gravitate toward it for its coziness and versatility. Still, there were a few things to be desired with the UGG Classic. The new version of the Classic gives UGG lovers an improved look with the fit and feel you expect. The pretreated sheepskin is like a God send—less opportunity for stains means you can be even more carefree in the UGG Classic II than you could even imagine in the original UGG C
lassic. All of the improvements have been made to each
 shaft height—the mini, the short, and the tall. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite one, or you can stock up on a few pairs. Whichever height you prefer; you are sure to enjoy the UGG Classic II even more than the UGG Classic. Take a look at the color options and experience the reinvented UGG Classic II.

This essential can be paired with denim and an oversized knit to create a truly timeless, casual look. Up your look by pairing the Bailey Button II's with skinnies and a leather jacket to stay cozy and classy this winter. Whatever you decide to pair them with, this New Classic optimizes laidback sophistication.

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