What is Salty Crew?

The story of Salty Crew is a pretty amazing one- The brand was created by CJ Hobgood, a professional surfer. At 34 years old, Hobgood had gone six whole years surfing professionally without a major sponsor. It was an epic Image result for salty crew lifestyle
 moment when he finally sold the prime real estate on his board. To himself. Kind of. During this time, the surf industry wasn't an easy one to be a part of. Hobgood witnessed many of his friends lose their jobs and sponsorships. For some reason, the surf industry was starting to migrate away from the beach. After observing this, CJ Hobgood gathered a group of friends: brothers, Jared and Hayden Lane, and retail veteran Milo Myers and Salty Crew was born. Salty Crew is a movement to get back to the beach. Their goal is to bring surfing back to the ocean and encourage young people to go out on the water and enjoy all it has to offer. Salvaging A Lifestyle for Tomorrow’s Youth, S-A-L-T-Y. 

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CJ has always been extremely humbled by those around him. The surf community has given Hobgood and his partners in Salty Crew a purpose and allowed them to live out their greatest dreams. The members of Salty Crew aspire to give back to their friends within the surf community. After being chewed up and spit out by the industry, Salty Crew wanted to create a haven for other surfers. As the company continues to grow, they hope to sponsor surfers and give them jobs.

Today, Salty Crew has expanded into new territories. Outdoor and fishing markets continue to embrace the brand. Stretching out from the West Coast, Salty Crew has extended into other locales such as the Rockies, the Midwest, and Canada. They continue to search and expand the brand in order to reach as many young people as they can. They hope to create a brand that will impact young surfers and young outdoor salt-lovers alike.




  • Love the message. It reminds of why I wore LRG for so long. When there’s a great message behind the brand I will continue to support. Love the colorways as well on the caps.

    Dfs pro
  • My 2 teenage sons love the outdoors and love fishing. Of course the logo caught their attention and they started high school with all Salty Crew attire! Great quality clothing and the logos are eye catching, finally found a brand both boys love!

    Ube Rosas
  • Heck! I bought these shits because I thought they looked cool and had good quality — now I read the story, even better. Gravy.

    Big Deck Ed
  • I’m a sailor from Canada and for the last two years salty crew is all I’ve been wearing, great quality, great values.

    Mecaul Walsh
  • Just bought my first Salty crew tshirt in Kona. Love it. Just read about your company and love your values!


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