Two Words that Encompass a Lifestyle - Salt Life

The brand started out when a couple of buddies went on a fishing trip and come up with those two simple words. Don Combs, an original founder of the company, said that he didn't come up with the idea, but he was one of the original people to make the brand go.

Combs, a local from Northeast Florida who was known for catching the second Blue marlin ever and also founded the King Buster tournament, is good friends with one of the brand originators, Troy Hutto. Business didn't quite take off like they had hoped, so the two welcomed new partners: Combs and Richard Thompson for marketing; Roger combs for accounting and Erez Wolf for tech things. 

Things took off for them when The Combs brothers, who owned C & H Lure Company, started including free Salt Life decals with every shipped order. On top of that, they got the SKA Pro Division fishing tour wearing Salt Life clothing. During the events, they brought along Salt Life gear to the big trade shows. By then, the business had boomed.

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