Tormenter Boardshorts- Why and How Tormenter Started Making Apparel

Tormenter wanted to make boardshorts, swimwear, fishing apparel, and sunshirts of the highest quality, designed from the ground up by experienced fisherman and outdoorsman at an affordable price.

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How Tormenter Started

After his first 20 years of success in retail yacht sales, design, and construction, Dave saw a void in the fishing lure market and decided to fill it with top quality lures at an affordable price. Dave had been building high quality yachts in China since 2002 and found it only natural to use his contacts and experience in China and his experience in fishing to benefit anglers by designing productive and high quality lures at a lower price than the competition. Since its conception in 2005, Tormenter has expanded it's market selling trophy catching products to over 300 accounts in almost every fishing port in the USA, plus Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Tormenter's  Future

Tormenter will continue to design and provide superior products at a savings so that you can justify spending a day on the water for both fun and the pursuit of meat.

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