Tori Richard

The Honolulu-based apparel maker and retailer Tori Richard was in the process of moving into the company's headquarters earlier this year, which is a quarter of a mile away on North King Street in the same neighborhood. This is only the fourth move in a total of 60 years in business. 

The new headquarters encompasses three buildings totaling $40,000 square feet on almost two acres of land. Staying in Kalihi was something that the company prioritized as it was looking for something much bigger to accommodate the company's growth. She wishes to stay within Kalihi because majority of it's employees live nearby and the company has a lot of employees who actually walk to work. She also added an employee shower to the headquarters, talk about a great company to work for. 

This is the biggest thing the company has done since their time at the Primo building in Kakaako.

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