The Rise of OluKai Sandals

OluKai is Hawaiian for "comfortable ocean", and that's exactly what stepping into a pair of their sandals is like. Each OluKai sandal is made of a combination of premium materials and contoured shapes to fit your feet perfectly. At the very core of all of their footwear is their anatomical footbed; a biochemically engineered shape that supports and positions your foot naturally, allowing each and every stride to move comfortably and correctly. The insole is made specifically for cushioning your feet, the midsole focuses on support and shock absorption, and the outsole ensures unbeatable traction and durability.Olukai Sandals mens womens

So how did this company begin? OluKai began as a unique approach; they wanted to create footwear that combined durability for the waterman-ocean lifestyle, and a brand that had strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship. OluKai shoes are Polynesian and island-inspired. The entire company was founded on the passion and enthusiasm for the ocean, its cultures, and traditions. The founder, Bill Worthington was born and raised on Oahu, HI. He often recalls spending much of his childhood roaming the sandy shores of Hawaii barefoot. As a graduate from the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California, Worthington took on roles as a footwear designer for NIKE and FILA before finally founding his very own company. After Auburn University released a study showcasing that "flip-flops" can often result in orthopedic problems, In 2006, Worthington teamed up with Matt Till to bring the first OluKai line to life, and design the ultimate footwear for the island lifestyle. OluKai flip-flops are created with the same basis as a regular shoe. They offer maximum support by using three separate soles for a tighter focus on support, comfort, and traction. The OluKai Ohana Sandals are a perfect example of the design, while also being vegan friendly and water resistant!

The company's logo is the Makau– Fish hook pendant. Historically, Hawaiians have had a deep connection and understanding of the ocean. The Makau is a fishhook, which was used in ancient times by the Hawaiians to find food. OluKai's signature logo keeps the Aloha spirit and tradition alive through its energy and meaning.

The footwear is for everyone– men, women, and children. OluKai offers two different styles for each: Makai, meaning "toward the sea", for use in and around water, and Mauka, meaning "toward the mountains", which uses resistant leather for a classier and more stylish approach. Olukai Sandals history origin

After years of dedication and hard work, OluKai is now recognized as a high-end line in the surf market. OluKai also invests in giving back to their environment. The brand partners with several of its Hawaiian advisers  and helps preservation teams with wildlife restoration and other volunteer projects that give back. The mission statement at OluKai is, "To make a big footprint in the ocean lifestyle market while leaving the smallest footprint we can on the planet." 

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