The History of Dakine: Innovators and Creators

Dakine got its start on Maui's North Shore in 1979. Rob Kaplan was a surfer first and a tinkerer second. Repairing surf leashes for fellow surfers became an everyday thing and he eventually set out to make a new leash that could withstand the waves.

Dakine John John Florence Kainui Leash

By 1980 Dakine introduced the first adjustable foot strap for Windsurfing and continued to provide innovating designs while becoming one of the new sports most trusted brands.

Dakine Tyrant Footstrap, photo courtesy of

The brand eventually moved its base to Hood River, Oregon to follow the windsurfing scene in 1986. Hood River is located at the base of Mount Hood, so the Dakine office eventually got skiers and snowboarders coming from the mountain asking for gear advice and products they really needed.

 Dakine Mission 25L Backpack

Fast forward almost two decades, their headquarters grew and Hood River became a premier mountain biking destination. The mountain bikers came to Dakine, just as the surfers and skiers had, to help solve problems and innovate products.

Dakine Cross-X Bike Glove

The team at Dakine are creators and problems solvers. They aren't cooped up in labs making guesses and estimates but rather out there on the water and in the mountains doing it. They "Live it. Build it. Test it. Improve it. Then do it all over again next season." Find our entire Dakine collection here.



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