SAXX : The future of Men's Underwear

Saxx Undwear Sale Boxers Briegs

Innovation most times means being the best not necessarily first, and SAXX’s heritage of transforming underwear goes back a decade. Trent Kitch an MBA student at the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Wisconsin, started the brand in 2006 to make men’s underwear more relaxing. He came up with the idea for Saxx Underwear while on a fishing in Alaska, where he experienced extreme frustration while at sea during the bad weather.

Then Saxx Undwear was born. He proposed a new design in men’s underwear that would prevent contact and be more relaxing. The design is an ergonomic pouch with two parallel mesh panels that offer a barrier between the essentials and the leg. There are no internal seams which insures the ultimate comfort and also allows plenty of space for a natural resting place. This design is perfect from the casual underwear wearer to the extreme athlete who needs the comfort for optimal performance.

Saxx Underwear offers threes styles:

  • Saxx Boxers
  • Saxx Briefs
  • Saxx Boxer briefs

 Each season new styles and colors are released. With each new release the quality and style get better and better. A wide range of fabrics and materials are used such as cotton, modal, spandex, nylon, polyester and viscose to achieve optimal comfort and support.

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