Salty Crew's Reason for Existance

Salty Crew is big on supporting the local retailers, like Islanders Coastal Outfitter. They have it featured in all caps on the front page of their website! 

Salty Crew also reminisces on time before surfing was cool, they refer to it as the "golden age". A time when surfers were wild men and women, cast out from society, and probably by choice. 

These men and women found the sea better than the society they had been expelled from. So, they spent their lives out on the water. When the waves were flat, they fished or dove, and when the wind picked up, they sailed, but never left the water. Salty Crew claims that this attitude has left the surfing world, claiming that it's been lost somewhere along the way. 

They think surfing culture has left the beach and fizzled up and left to dry inland. Salty Crew exists for the people who still choose to lead a lifestyle supported by the ocean, those who choose to keep it Salty, who find their refuge in the sea.

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