RAEN sunglasses - New Products in Spring 2017

          RAEN classifies themselves as a classics-driven, boutique eyewear brand. All RAEN products are inspired by adventure and each pair is carefully crafted in hopes to inspire yours. RAEN lives by the phrase, "Handmade & Heartfelt."

          RAEN optics utilizes timeless styles and allows them to creatively coexist with their modern designs to craft a truly classic blend. Working this way, they create a product that is always relevant. The emphasis on the thoughtful design is reinforced by their materials. All RAEN frames are constructed with the highest quality zyl acetates and metals and finished with market leading Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 lenses.

          These lenses offer precision protection for optimum visual comfort and detail. Carl Zeiss is the global leader for the finest camera glass, precision microscope optics, and more. These lenses offer
 excellent quality of vision, subtle tints, and are exceptionally lightweight. RAEN offers CR-39 Sun Lenses for superior optical properties in the harsh sunlight, and CR-39 Polarized Lenses to deliver advanced optical and visual performance.

          To stand out from the cheap, injection mold frame glasses, RAEN is sure that each frame is hand-finished and much of their cutting is hand-guided. The difference is immediately evident, even to the untrained eye.  Each cut, screw, and flourish is carefully considered by RAEN's original vision with nothing lost to a generic assembly line. After the hand-guided cut, each frame is checked with a micrometer to tolerances of 1/100th of an inch.

          RAEN sunglasses use zyl acetate, which is a high quality material originating from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers— both renewable resources. The material contains incredible color-fastness which stems from the hue being embedded in the material rather than sprayed on. It has become a standard medium in high fashion frames in part because the color never fades, yellows, or loses its luster. Using this high quality material also ensures customers don't experience allergic reactions they may face when lower quality metals (e.g. nickel) and plastics found in other common eye wear are used.

          In Spring 2017, Islanders Coastal Outfitter will be showcasing even more of this  brand's exceptional products. Stay tuned!


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