New Brand Alert: Cotopaxi



Islanders is very excited to introduce the brand Cotopaxi to our stores. Their designs, company values, and goals make them a wonderful addition to our expanding selection of adventure gear.

Teca Full-Zip Windbreaker - Unisex

Their Story

Cotopaxi (kōtōpä´ksē) is an active stratovolcano in the Ecuadorian region of the Andes. Their founder, Davis Smith, grew up in Latin America and lived for several years in Ecuador. He spent much time exploring and camping in Cotopaxi National Park. It was here that he developed a lifelong reverence for the strong, hard-working people of the Andes. His time in Latin America also showed him the plight of those in abject poverty. Davis later moved to the United States, where he pursued advanced degrees in business and international studies. Despite his success, he wanted to do more to make a difference in the world. For his next venture, he decided to merge his love of travel with a poverty-fighting business model. Each customer’s purchase would give to those living in the world’s poorest regions. He named the company Cotopaxi to represent the spirit of adventure, optimism, and determination that he’d experienced during his time in Ecuador.


Their Design

Their design philosophy is very funky yet simplistic. Not only do they make sure their materials are ethically sourced but many items are made from recycled materials and fabrics that would otherwise be discarded. The Del Dia Collection is especially unique, a series of fanny packs and bags designed by factory workers, who use leftover scraps to make each one-of-a-kind piece.


Cotopaxi will be coming to Islanders Spring 2019 just in time for warm weather adventures.


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