National Day Calender: I Love My Feet Day

Did you know that August 17th is National I Love My Feet Day? It is a day to really recognize the importance of our feet and practice good foot care. Just think about how much we've used our feet today. We use our feet to stand, to walk, to climb, to run, and so much more.

Our feet take us to and from where we need to go. They are our primary mode of transportation. They allow us to swim, play sports, skip, and dance. Our feet accomplish all the things our hands cannot.

Proper foot care is crucial for healthy feet. One of the best ways to care for your feet is to wear proper shoes with a perfect fit. Ergonomically designed shoes include anatomical arch support to keep your foot in the proper position and special soles to help reduce pressure on the heel. Overall they work to alleviate and prevent long-term foot pain.

To celebrate National I Love My Feet Day, treat your feet to a pair of shoes that give them the care they deserve. Orthopedic shoes come in all different types and styles. From sandals, to sneakers, to heels you can find shoes that support your foot's needs. Take a look at our favorite ergonomically made shoes for each category!


Birkenstock has our heart for the most ergonomically sound sandals. The Women's Mayari Sandal contains an anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed with a suede lining. This natural product is insulating and has great cushioning. The deep heel cup, longitudinal arch support, stability, transverse arch support, raised toe bar all works to help circulation, grip, and comfort. The outsole is made up of elastic material that smooths our irregularities on the ground to ensure each step is softy cushioned. This product is also very gentle on the skin while also very durable. Spoil your feet with these sandals are stay comfortable for years!

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Birkenstock: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair

 Running Shoes

Looking for a solid running shoe? We are in love with the On Running Cloudswift Shoe! This shoe is engineered with a mesh upper for superior breathability and easy stretch. It will help your feet stay dry during hotter temperatures. The silicone cage molds comfortably to the shape of the foot to maintain proper arch support. To protect your soles while running, the Cloudswift is engineered with Helion™ superfoam for cushioning with zero compromises. The next time your go running, run with On and feel the difference. Your feet will thank you.

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You don't typically put comfort and heels in the same sentence. However, the Sorel Women's Nadia Heeled Sandals make an exception. The upper is made with nubuck, pigskin lining for a smooth feel across the foot. The footbed is constructed of die cut memory Eva with a pigskin top cover that softly forms to your foot. The midsole and outsole is molded rubber with a leather wrapped heel. With an ergonomic construction and an orthopedic feel, these heels definitely say "I love my feet."

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 Wouldn't it be great to be able to wear slippers to work? The Hey Dude Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes takes the comfort of slippers and combines it with a casual look. It has a memory foam insole that forms to your foot. The lining is made with a soft oxford cloth. The low-top, chukka-style forefoot vamp is wide enough to allow total circulation of the toe are. The heel pocket is anatomically correct, creating an amazing feel. The flexible stretch material allows the shoe to conform to the unique shape and width of the foot providing ultimate comfort and support. In summary, a pair of Hey Dude shoes would be a phenomenal gift for your feet on National I Love My Feet Day.

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So celebrate National I Love My Feet Day with us and treat your feet to a pair of the most comfortable shoes you can find! Give your feet the care they deserve! 

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