Kavu Bags

Kavu, which means Klear Above Visibility Unlimited, is based out of Seattle and founded in 1933 by a team of climbers and outside enthusiasts. People recognize the brand for its outdoor-lifestyle clothing and accessories, which are designed for convenience, but also get used for everyday needs. Kavu combines simpleness, romminess, convenience, as well as comfort that their backpacks and bags bring. 

These bags are ideal for climbing, work, a health club or even being out and about. Their distinctive characteristics are their flexible rope straps that sit perfectly over the shoulder and over the back just like messenger bags. Many people claim that the bags are good for keeping things organized, especially for people who need to keep their hands free, such as rock climbers. They do however make stylish bags for everyday use, which have the main component for large items like clothing and groceries. Then there's the smaller, padded external pockets for cell phones, purse or keys.

The messenger styling of the rope straps is one of the many reasons that the bags are extremely popular, because its users like that the straps stay round the shoulder that makes the bags comfortable, therefore making it a far more convenient option when compared to other handbags or a big rucksack. 

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