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Islanders Coastal Outfitter

In early 2017, will make one of the biggest changes in the history of our company by changing our website to

Since 1980 Islanders Coastal Outfitter has been committed to making changes in order to evolve and improve. To continue to improve our communications, we'll be moving to a domain that matches the name of our brick and mortar stores, Islanders Coastal Outfitter.

This change to will allow us to market our stores and our website as a single entity using one logo and consistent branding. Our customers will be able to better understand the company they’re purchasing from and consequently have a better all-around shopping experience.

This is just one of many steps we’ll be making as we work to improve your overall experience as a customer.

Company ownership and customer support remains the same as well as our website policies. will redirect to after the change. If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us at We look forward to serving you as a premier beachwear retailer for many years to come. Find out more, visit About Us

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