Surfboard shaper and visionary Bob Hurley started the Hurley brand in 1999,
embracing a life informed by the ocean and the spirit and creativity of youth.
Prior to starting Hurley, Bob made a name for himself as one of the
preeminent young board shapers in Huntington Beach, and soon the world,
eventually becoming the go-to shaper for the 1978 World Champion, Rabbit
Bartholomew. Obsessed with making boards that were lighter, faster and
more flexible, Bob eventually translated that innovation ethos to board shorts,
and the rest is history. Today, you can find Bob “product-testing” at home in
Newport Beach, Hawaii or at some of the best waves around the world.

Before Phantom fabric, innovation and performance weren’t in the lexicon for surfwear. Board shorts were made from heavy material,
and gaudy sewn-on graphics were the industry norm. In 2007, this all changed. Bob Hurley’s son and Global Creative Director, Ryan
Hurley, and VP of Innovation, Bruce Moore realized they could apply the lightweight, stretchy, water-repellent fabric used by Nike
swimmers in the 2004 Olympics to board shorts. After giving a few prototype pairs to Rob Machado, Yadin Nicol and a handful of
others on the Hurley team and receiving rave reviews, it was clear they were onto something special. Fast forward to today, and
Phantom is recognized worldwide as a trailblazing innovation and the industry standard for performance in the water.

A diverse team of the best waveriders, iconoclasts and
watermen/women in the world, the Hurley Team exists
to push the limits of what’s possible in the ocean on a
daily basis. We relentlessly test our products with
them. We define our brand through them.

Acquired as an affiliate of Nike at the end of 2001, Hurley has a long-standing partnership with the world’s largest and most forward-thinking sport
brand in the world. This partnership goes both ways, with Nike’s relentless focus on helping athletes reach their potential benefitting the world’s best
surfers (see Phantom). At the same time, the world’s best surfers — athletes like John John Florence and Carissa Moore — provide a whole new world
of insights that might ultimately inform product for Nike athletes both in and out of the water.



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