Huk Gear: The Definition of Fishing Apparel

A couple years ago, a fisherman named Brad Smith was searching for clothing to wear while out in the sun fishing. He spent majority of his time in the warmer months on the water fishing, but the sun started to become a problem for him. Brad had been diagnosed with a high risk for skin cancer. 

Thanks to Huk, Brad's able to continue to go fishind despite his high risk for skin cancer because the brand offers stylish long sleeves. short sleeves, bottoms, foul weather, and performance styles of clothing. The shirts are also incredibly lightweight, with SPF protection, and designed to keep you cool while fishing on hot days. 

Huk Gear has been around for a few years now, and with experience under their belt, they've established their own fishing show on the Sportsman Channel. They have grown to be own as a top brand fishing apparel.

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