Howler Bros and their Startup

There may never have been a company founded quite so accidentally as Howler Brothers, which as grown from niche supplier to a player in the outdoor apparel market and record timing.

Andy Stepanian, who co-founded Howler Brothers with Heard and Mason Brent, explains that the company started with some sketches that Chaser Heard was working on for another clothing company. He further explains that Chase is a really talented graphic artist and did a lot of painting and illustrating on the side during the height of their band years together. Chase is originally from Florida, so a lot of his designs have a coastal vibe to them. When Chase showed the designs to Andy, it sparked the idea for Howler Brothers. 

All three of the founders for Howler Brothers met in the fourth grade. Being friends for life, they attended college together at the University of Virginia, where they absorbed the business skills that allowed them to successfully run a clothing company by day while continuing to tour and play music together by night. Despite that their clothing brand has been an overnight success, the three founders are adamant on continuing their band and tours, claiming that it's very much a real thing and is not going away any time soon.

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