Fjallraven Bags, Gear, and Clothing

We are pleased to introduce Fjallraven to our site this Fall! The Swedish outdoors brand has made some incredible products as of recently and Islanders is excited to have Fjallraven on the site. The company started about 50 years ago but just now has really come to the spotlight. The Scandinavian based brand is now selling products in about 20 countries. It sells all the necessary outdoor clothing and equipment for any outdoors adventure. While the company wants to continue to push its limits, it remains environmentally conscious. Fjallraven’s goal is to leave as little an environmental impact as possible while still producing some of the best products for the outdoors. They continue to work on the production process of clothing and equipment in order to leave a small economic footprint. While the average person may think with this eco-friendly attitude the products suffer in quality. This is the farthest from the truth. Fjallraven uses some of the best materials to produce jackets, shirts, shorts, dresses, and outdoor equipment. If you are a person who enjoys an outdoors adventure, you have to check out Fjallraven and their latest stuff. Islanders is excited to have Fjallraven on board and we hope you can find something for your next adventure!

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