Everything You Need to Know About Tormenter

The name "board shorts" was born from surfers. It's a term used to describe the shorts they wore while on their boards. In other places, especially in Australia, they are called "boardies" and "baggies" in South Africa.

Board shorts, swim trunks, surf shorts, whatever you choose to call them, they were originally developed for aquatic sports, and in recent years have become a popular form of general beach wear and all-purpose summer wear among both men and women.

Tormenter was founded by David Adams who started his career track early in 1974 when he took his first job aboard a busy charter boat out of Miami's famous "Pier 5." Aboard this vessel, Adams landed his first Blue Marlin at age fifteen. In 1976, Adams found himself in Gloucester, MA as a mate aboard one of the top Giant Tuna sport boats in history. The total number of Giant Tuna landed by David at the age of only 21 was 222. Adams continued his success, releasing over 200 sailfish in January 1978 in the Palm Beach area, setting class records, landing record fish, taking his first Captains job, and becoming a yacht broker where he still designs, builds, and sells large yachts.

After his first twenty years of success, Dave saw a void in the fishing lure market and decided to fill it with top quality lures at an affordable price. Tormenter products have won prestigious tournaments and caught IGFA World Records.

David Adams used his extensive knowledge of the sea, boating, and fishing to create quality board shorts that last. Tormenter board shorts incorporate quick-drying, lightweight, and stretchable fabrics. All of the board shorts are forged from a smooth, polyester, cotton blend. They are exceptionally durable and
 hold up to wear from contact with a surfboard, yet are comfortable and lightweight. They are well-adapted for use in various active watersports. Tormenter board shorts feature a saltwater resistant zipper and don't contain a drag pocket, giving you zero resistance in the water, enabling you to focus on catching the next big wave or the next big tournament winner. Tormenter Board shorts are optimal for fishing - they come with huge pockets that allow you to carry all of your essentials whether you're on a  boat, kayak, or pier without adding any bulk. These pockets are sealed with a flap so they won't add resistance to you in the water. Unlike 99% of other board short manufacturers, Tormenter board shorts also include a pocket that is nearly invisible specifically for valuables like your wallet and smart phone.

Tormenter also makes performance shirts that are created from premium quality, snag-proof fabric. Each shirt is treated with SPF 50 so it protects your skin from harmful rays. The shirts include ventilation that keeps you cool on hot days. They are exceptionally quick-drying and durable.

Tormenter creates products built on the ideals, values and passions for watersports and the salt life.


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