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EMU Australia, pronounced 'eem-you', often mispronounced 'eem moo', is a brand from Australia that specializes in footwear. Yes, like BOOTS. The company is an Australian lifestyle brand that designs, produces, and markets all their gear.

The company was originally established in 1948 as Jackson's Tannery. Jackson's supplied UGG boots to several retailers throughout Australia and the US. In 1994, UGG Holdings began dealing directly with Jackson's, which had changed their name to EMU Australia when surf veteran Andrew Raggett took over the company. They started producing their own footwear, and well, the rest is history! Today, The main headquarters for the company lies in South Geelong, Victoria, Australia, with many other international locations, including Grand Rapids, Michigan, US; Hamburg, Germany; and London, England.

The name of the company was chosen because the emu is the national bird of Australia. The emu stands tall and proud; they move forward at incredible speeds, and don't take backward step. The bird is resourceful, exceptionally fast, and can survive on little food and water in the barren desert. They chose the name EMU to reflect the company's tenacious goals and values.

EMU Australia's logo is also creatively designed to imitate the footprint of an Australian emu. Pretty neat, huh?

EMU Australia takes pride in their work. Each element, from their natural textures to an earth-inspired color palette, embodies the beauty of Australia's origins and acts to symbolize their connection to the landscape around them. EMU Australia is most known for their Australian sheepskin. Born from their origins, the ultra soft 100% Australian sheepskin is thick, lush, and water resistant, leaving you feeling like you're walking on a cloud. Surrounded by puppies. And kittens. And flower petals. Yes, that soft. EMU Australia also uses Merino wool because it's incredibly soft, warm, and naturally plush. It's an entirely natural fiber, which is insulating, aids breathability, and contributes greatly to odor resistance. EMU Australia also uses the highest quality premium leather, intentionally selected for flawless beauty and soft feel. Their suede offers the benefits of breathability and durability without compromising aesthetics. Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of EMU Australia is the innovative EMUsole. It has been developed to enhance your experience and prolong the life of your boot! It's a hard, tough, rubber outsole with a soft EVA inset. It is intended to give you long-lasting comfort, while the EMU tread adds extra traction and support.

So what's the EMU difference, you might ask? EMU Australia takes the extra time to design and create something that buyers love. They intentionally and effectively create comfortable and durable products. They conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that every style meets the EMU standard of excellence and quality. EMU Australia's continuous ability to innovate, push boundaries, and harness all natural materials results in unrivaled comfort and quality you can trust.

Step into the luxurious comfort of EMU Australia today! 


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  • Where is it possible to buy shoes from emu. in Cologne Germany
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