Creatures of Leisure Traction Pads

Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Traction Pads are rich with history, lure and team riders. They are able to keep their team riders from season to season, which seems to be an issue with other brands at times. Creatures of Leisure has had a core of the same team riders for quite a while now. 

Creatures has prided themselves in creating the thinnest Surfboard Traction Pads on the market for as long as some people can remember now. Back in the day when Taj Burrow surfed for Creatures, he was at the warehouse and said he needed a few new Traction Pads. Taj was shortly after seen picking out some Creatures of Leisure Traction Pads and tossing others to the side. On the outside, all of the pads looked similar, so Taj was asked why he was only keeping some and tossing others to the side. Taj responded that he wanted the thinnest pad possible, because it makes him feel his surfboard better. 

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