Costa Del Mar and the Environment

Costa Del Mar has been environmentally friendly since 1986 when the company became the first official supplier of polarized sunglasses for conservation organization NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The brand has become top supplier of shades and gear for fishers, anglers, boaters and adventurers. They are long-time supporters of philanthropies like the Coastal Conservation Association. 

Costa recently decided that they didn't like the carbon footprint they were leaving on the earth and moved on to design a new, more sustainable trade show booth with reclaimed wood. The brand did this by finding a 100-year-old horse and hay barn in Glen Easton, WV, that was scheduled to be torn down, and sent in a team of carpenters to dismantle the barn, board by board, over the course of two days. Because they remodeled old wood and old furniture, they claim people are more comfortable and at home when they come. 

Costa said that they cost to recycle and transport reclaimed wood was higher than wood sourced directly from a lumber yard, but the environmental impact was much lower, so that brought the company in line with its earth-friendly goals. The booth's history also serves as a great conversation starter. The Carmichael Barn, named after a family who owned the land, was originally constructed in 1910. The grandchildren of the man who originally built this barn still lived on the property and planned to use the barn's foundation for their new home, but they were really happy that it would be reused and not just torn down and thrown away.

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