Color Trend: Gen Z Yellow

Millennial Pink is on its way out for the next generation of color. That color is Gen Z Yellow. Scroll through your Instagram and you're bound to see several shades of yellow dominating your feed. What makes this color trend unique is that it's several shades of yellow, leaving the trend very open to interpretation. Gen Z Yellow is ranging from shades of mustard and marigold to lemon, canary, and butter. It's truly a compelling color that conveys youthful, fresh energy. 

Here's our Islanders picks for the new color of a generation. 

These Vans not only come in an interesting check pattern but perfectly capture the Gen Z Yellow spectrum in  "Yolk Yellow".
A comfortable gathered sleeve top in a buttery yellow cream.
Add a pop of color to your look with a lemon yellow G-Shock watch.
Go on an adventure or to class with a Fjallraven backpack in Dandelion.
Spring 19 will continue with the rise of Gen Z Yellow and be the exciting and fresh color of a new generation. Find your shade of Gen Z Yellow here at Islanders! 

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