Arcade Belts

When buying great, not-notch products like goggles, boots and other outdoors equipment, do you want to add a cheap accessory to the mix? Not so much. This is the reasoning behind the owners who started Arcade Belts. Originally from Truckee, California, Cody Townsend, Tristan Queen and David Bronkie decided in 2010 to create hand-made belts. These three guys would hang out and talk about their weekend adventures when they realized that they all had a belt-related issue. This sparked an idea for them to create the company Arcade Belts we all know and love today. Their goal is to create functional belts that are also aesthetically pleasing. Over the course of a year's worth of testing different materials and sewing 3000 belts in a living room, they finally took their products to local sports stores.

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