All About Antelope Shoes

These days, it's hard not to get caught in the seemingly endless struggle to find shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. At ICO we cannot begin to explain how pleased we were when we heard about Antelope. Antelope has been crafting shoes for over thirty years, proving time and time again that comfort and style can actually be BFFs.

Antelope shoes was founded in 1981 in Tel Aviv. The idea and strategy for Antelope was to harness premium quality, raw materials to ensure optimum quality and comfort. 

Antelope is sure to use only the finest and softest pieces of leather. Antelope shoes are all hand cut to ensure optimum quality and precise craftsmanship. The shoes are embellished with authentically fabricated straps, buckles, ornaments, and decorations. By personally molding the line of unique heels and platforms, Antelope is able to ensure that their beautiful and intricate designs are flawlessly achieved. Today, these elements have consolidated to bring you, the consumer, an exquisite and timeless product.

Antelope's creativity and innovation is immanent on 
every single pair of shoes they develop. A lot of us tend to opt for a familiar
 and somewhat bland outfit combo that always feels safe, but Antelope rewrites history by making it so much easier to create new and exciting combinations. 

Antelope Shoes look good with just about anything, so do the "flamingo" in the mirror no longer. Their heels, boots and flats all go with pants, shorts, dresses and even long skirts!

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