Ten Lifehacks for Your Small Closet

An increasingly annoying problem these days is trying to create enough space in your tiny closet that just seems to keep getting smaller and smaller every day. Today, we've decided to relay some brilliant lifehacks to our customers that will surely allow you create some space and feel less cluttered during your morning routine.

     1. Drawers Drawers Drawers

Just because your closet doesn't come with drawers, doesn't mean you can't add any. Our advice? Organize your garments by activity — work, weekends, workouts, you name it.
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Just because your closet doesn't have drawers doesn't mean that you can't add some. Organzing each drawer by activity— work, casual, workouts, night out etc. or by garment type— underwear, tees, shorts, etc. will help you stay organized and prepared for anything!

      2. Label EVERYTHING

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Finally, you can whip out that label gun you've always wanted to use. Store items in boxes or baskets and label them so that you're far less likely to keep staring at that one random sock you still hang on to because you're hoping that one day  you'll find the mate. We've all been there.

     3. Color Coordinate

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By color coordinating your wardrobe, you'll find it so much faster to pick out the perfect outfit. This not only creates a look of organization, but it also helps you identify which colors you have the least and most items in. Shopping just got a whole lot easier.

     4. Utilize that top space

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It may not seem like a whole lot, but filling up the space at the top of your closet neatly can add a significant amount of space to your room or closet floor. Storing purses, large bags, or suitcases on top is a good way to eliminate the clutter that these bulky bags cause to other areas of your room or closet.

     5. Invest in shower rings or clothespins 

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Make your hangers work harder by hanging scarves, bags, or light clothing items using shower rings or clothespins. This allows you to hang your entire collection on just one hanger! 

     6. Hang your laundry

Don't lose your hamper under your hanging clothes — stash it on a hook on the back of your closet door instead. This way, you'll know right away when it's time to throw in a load.
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Forget about cluttering up your room or closet with a bulky hamper. Stash it on a hook on your closet door instead to create space and keep things vertical. 

     7. Utilize empty space in your room

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If your closet is just simply too small and you happen to have the extra space, get a free-standing clothes rack to keep everything handy and organized.

     8. Hang a second rod

Image result for second rod in closet

Perhaps the easiest way to create a ton of extra space in your closet is to install a second rod to hang clothes. This is an extremely inexpensive way to double the storage space.

     9. Pop those tops!


Using soda can tabs, you can double up hangers to get even more space out of your small closet.

     10. Trunk storage

Use a trunk to store out-of-season clothing or shoes, which can also double as a bench in small spaces.

Using a trunk that can be found at a local antique shop, you can store out of season clothing or shoes. This can also double as a bench under a stair case, or at the foot of your bed.





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