5 Things to Know About Howler Brothers

1. Their story

Howler Brothers founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian spent their adolescent summers among the marine life in the waves of Florida and Virginia. They both currently reside in Texas where they  raise families, work hard, make music together, chase fish with fly rods, and make runs to the nearest coast or river whenever the opportunity arises.

Their vision for Howler– and the name Howler Brothers –was inspired by a sound they each had heard on their many surf trips to Costa Rica: the call of the loudest animal in North America, the Howler Monkey. If you've ever heard the sound before, it can be shrill and somewhat startling, but to them, the sound became part of a collective feeling of being in Central America and continues to serve as a constant reminder of the search for places they will always love.

2. Their inspiration

Howler Brothers has bonded and drawn huge inspiration from the emotional connection they experienced while on trips in Costa Rica. Using this connection as a foundation, Heard and Stepanian founded Howler Brothers in order to craft quality clothing and goods that draw inspiration from the style and tradition of surfing and coastal sports.

Above everything, Howler Bros are united by a belief in doing things the honest and pure way (which may not always be the easiest way). They design and craft all of their garments with these virtues in mind. 

3. Their privateers

In the past, Howler Brothers have encouraged people who love the outdoors as much as them to "heed the call", and send in applications to become a Privateer for the brand. Through these privateers, (people like you and me), Howler Brothers have been able to expand their reach and ignite the wanderlust spirit of many others in small places they wouldn't normally get to. 


4. They love to travel (and it's inspiring!)

Since they were young, Chase and Andy have loved being outdoors. Both men drew so much inspiration from the water and adventures that it fueled their way to success with the creation of Howler Brothers. The two and their brand ambassadors have traveled all of the US and even celebrated Independence Day on the Choctawhatchee Bay, trekking over our emerald waters and white sandy beaches. 

Howler Brothers' various social media pages showcase their love for the outdoors. Catch them hiking, fishing, paddling, cruising, surfing, creating, and getting their hands dirty.

5. Their products

Howler Bros clothing designs are meant to honor the soul. They emulate the passion the two have always had for outdoors and adventure. Every garment is crafted with functionality and attention to detail at the forefront. Howler Bros uses historic ideas and adds a modern influence brought about by the passions they feel for water, waves, geography, fashion, and art. 

Howler Brothers even creates product "Mutations." They state, "When we leave the Howler laboratory unattended, crazy things happen. Our core lineup cross-pollinates with the strangest ideas from our wildest dreams to generate a brand new and rare DNA [strand]; we call them the Howler Mutations." Howler Brothers use materials from other parts of their lineup to create alternate and rare products. They ensure nothing goes to waste.

Throughout all their success, one thing has always remained constant: Howler Brothers have maintained a deep connection with the outdoors by expanding their horizons and meeting people who keep them true and humble. Howler Brothers promises to keep creating products that set people's souls on fire, as people continue to keep an intense hunger for exploring nature and all of the positivity it brings.



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