Throw a Fancy Feast from home!

Have you ever wanted to shower your loved ones with decadence? Having a formal dinner at home isn't for the faint of heart, but it sure wins on style points with the fam. 

Formal dining is all about pacing and conversation and just completely enjoying the food set before you. That food doesn't have to be especially fine, no need for French cuisine with sauces that take days to whip up, just delicious!

If you're not up to the demands of a seven course meal, but do want to do a little something, add a little pizzazz to your everyday life by setting a beautiful table once in a while. Use a table cloth and napkins. I promise, your family will notice!

Additionally, you could have a "hats" only dinner. Ask everyone to wear their favorite hat during your meal. Little things make a big difference in making daily life less bland. You don't have to take an expensive vacation to make great and fun memories!


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