Arcade Belt Co. New for 2016

Arcade belts announcementThe Arcade Belt has been one of the greatest additions to in 2016. One of the fastest growing brands of belts in the industry, the Arcade Belt brand preaches quality over quantity and will create a belt that is durable, yet comfortable. We're sure you'll be able to find the right belt for you.

Arcade Belts are built for climbing, tricking, riding, and descending. Built with comfortable stretch materials and simple yet durable buckles, Arcade Belts are ready for anything.

Arcade is a company that was started in 2010 by Cody Townsend, Tristan Queen and David Bronkie. They knew they could do belts better so they went to work. Arcade Belt Co. reinvented an overlooked accessory with simple ingenuity and a few sewing machines. These belts are designed for those who chase waves, follow storms, and seek adventure. You won't find unforgiving leather, cheap logos, and bland webbing. The new standard in belts has arrived.

Arcade Belts-

  • Stay in place (don't loosen up)
  • Don't restrict movement
  • Belt buckle doesn't get in the way
  • Are easy to adjust
  • Durable

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